The Deerhorn Knives of Bagua Chuan

The Deerhorn Knives are a unique weapon originating from the Ba gua Zhang school of Chinese internal martial arts. The multi-bladed Deerhorn Knives are also known as; Mandarin Duck Blades, Deer Antler Knives, Crescent Moon Knives, Mandarin-Duck Sun & Moon Axes, and Yuan Yang Yue or Zi Wu Yuan Yang Yue.


The deerhorn knives are designed for use against multiple attackers and are most greatly utilized for countering and disarming traditional weapons of varying lengths: the spear, staff, saber, and the sword.

The Implementation of this weapon is remembered by the following limerick:
hooking, sliding, seizing, controlling, pulling, cutting, picking, smashing, paring, drilling, chopping, mincing, brushing, smearing, leading, carrying, and neutralizing.

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